DIPLOMA BUSINESS OFFICE the only recognized certificate which examines the three recognized modules by the Supreme Employee Selection Board (Word Processing – Spreadsheets – Web Services) in one examination process which lasts sixty (60) minutes.

The remaining four (4) modules can be examined at a 45 minute examination for each module.

In order to acquire DIPLOMA BUSINESS OFFICE certificate the candidate must successfully complete the examination of the three modules (Word Processing – Spreadsheets – Web Services). The candidate may then participate in one of the remaining four modules if he wishes to:

The candidate is examined in four (4) different types of questions. Two of these types are innovative and offered for the first time at a recognized certification: The perception type questions and the scenario-based questions

The perception type questions require that a candidate faces two tables and modifies the first one so that it looks like the second (see the following picture)

At a scenario-based question the candidate is required to be able to switch applications. The candidate will face questions such as:

You need to create a word document and an excel spreadsheet and then attach them to an e-mail message.


You need to sort the data in a workbook, save the workbook, then set it as source file for word and then insert a field so as to complete the mail merge.

  • Word Processing – Spreadsheets – Web Services
  • Computer use and file management
  • Databases
  • Presentations
  • Concepts of ICT
DIPLOMA BUSINESS OFFICE recognized certificate is the only one which provide examinations for MS-Office, LibreOffice, or Apache OpenOffice

Reasons to select DIPLOMA certification body

  • The examination for Diploma Business Office is the only one to examine the candidate’s knowledge as a whole and not fragmentarily
  • The examination for Diploma Business Office is the only one to examine the three units in one examination
  • The examination for Diploma Business Office is the only one to examine in conditions which resemble the actual working environment
  • Diplomas’ Syllabus is adjusted to real-life expectations
  • The examination centers which cooperate with Diploma use innovative tools, which helps the candidate train in the actual working conditions
  • DIPLOMA’s certification system reassures that the candidate corresponds critically and doesn’t memorize by heart the answer
  • Most of all, because you will acquire a certificate, not just a piece of paper