DIPLOMA Human Resources Certification Body is a Certification Body Recognized by the Greek Authorities committed to providing Computer Certifications of high quality that represent actual skills. Certifications are awarded upon successful participation in examinations which are inspired by actual working conditions so as to resemble tasks that employees need to fulfill at their workplace.

In other words, people certified by DIPLOMA, actually possess these skills.

DIPLOMA Human Resources Certification Body is committed to excellence. Our team consists of qualified employees and trusted partners with comprehensive training, extensive experience, expertise and ethos. We plan and implement the most competitive and demanding certification schemes, which are in line with modern requirements in software development for automate examinations and securing examination systems.

Diploma in investing in education and excellent training of our workforce every day, to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

The examination systems we use are developed by infolearn and are a standard in their class.

The candidates are examined:
  • On actual applications and not simulations.
    This means that in order to answer a question, one can use any method he or she knows, and not a specific one.
  • In scenario questions.
    See an example of a scenario question:

    The candidate must create a Word and an Excel document, and afterwards import them as attachments to an e-mail message.
    To sort data in an Excel document, save the document, then set it as a data source in Word and finally to insert some field in order to complete the mail merge.
  • In comprehensive questions.
    In comprehensive questions the candidate must modify the first table so that it looks like the second.
  • Web Development
    Especially the candidates for Web Development certifications are examined in writing and editing code in a web environment. See the following picture:
    (online you can see it at www.web-e2.com which will be available very soon)